Proofreading and Copyediting

We will proofread and perform minor copy edits to your essays and short answers.   These types of mistakes are easy to miss and are where a fresh pare of eyes--spell check won't catch that (pair, not pare)--will really help. Two of us will read everything, so by the time we're done the chances for any type of error are extremely low. (And if two Harvard graduate students aren't noticing the mistake, it's very unlikely an admissions officer will.)

How it works: You send us your work in Word (or another work processing format).  We'll then go through and proofread and copyedit. We'll use track changes so that you can see anywhere we made ANY changes.  We then send things back to you. It's that simple!

Time: We're very fast! Currently (Wed, 11/21), we're averaging 3 hours, but if we get swamped that will slow down a bit.  If we don't return your work within 6 hours, it's free.

Cost: $75 flat. We use PayPal and can accept debit and credit cards.

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