We work with students to craft great essays. From ideas, to content, to copy we can do it all. We work with all levels of students at a much more economical price than private college counselors. We coordinate with parents too!  

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We work with students online. We begin by getting aquatinted (biography, goals, timeline). Students will then send us what they have. We give  feedback and  comments. The student incorporates our thoughts (or not) and returns the essay to us.  We go until the student is satisfied. Scroll down to see an example.


We met as graduate students at Harvard and also have degrees from Oxford, Brown and Columbia. We've done hundreds of essays before for private college counselors.  We're very fotunate to work with some amazing (and expensive!) counselors.

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See  how we worked with one student. To read more samples go to Our Services.  

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Your assistance with our daughter’s college essays was invaluable. Your input made her writing much stronger and smoother. We have a son who is a junior in high school, so we will be contacting you again soon.
— Mom of a student with Dysexia (California)
[My son] has learned a great deal working with you. Finding the “voice” was a tough process, but now that he understands this writing style he seems to be happier, more engaged in the writing process and confident. Thank you for teaching this to [my son]! I will certainly recommend you to any others.
— Mom of a student with SAT score of over 2300 (California)
I enjoyed your comments very much. ...I sat down to review your work with my father in law, a successful business person in his own right, and he was equally impressed!..
— Adult student returning to college (Male, New Jersey)
Mark, thank you. You have helped immensely. [your work] was worth every cent.
— Applicant for Ph.D. (Female, Illinois)
I will certainly recommend you to others.
— Adult applicant for nursing school (New Jersey)